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Apple announces iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and new iWatch

The long anticipated announcement from Apple has arrived – two new iPhones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, and a new iWatch, to be released early next year.

Pre-ordering is available from the 12th in Australia.

iOS 8, the new Apple Operating System, will also be released on the 17th September.

All I can say is – WOW. New operating systems bring both challenges and opportunities.

The challenge is that some apps will inevitably break – if you have any concerns about your iPhone app, Contact me now for advice on how to proof your app against the new upgrade.

The opportunity is the new capabilities that iOS 8 will bring to iPhone Apps, and the new possibilities the faster A8 processor will open.

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iPhone 6 – Tougher than Ever?

According to The Register, a science and technology news site, the upcoming iPhone 6 display screen will be almost unbreakable.

The article features a video of someone trying to damage an iPhone 6 screen with a large knife – with no success.

This effort to make the new iPhone indestructible is welcome news for techies like me, whose pockets are always overstuffed with phones, keys, and various technological marvels grinding against each other like rocks in an industrial crushing machine.

I’ll still probably get a shock proof case for my new iPhone 6 though, when I finally get my hands on a new iPhone 6 – its one thing to be impressed by claims of durability, quite another to take risks with my precious new tech toy.