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Beware War Kitty!

A security researcher with rather too much time on his hands, has turned his grandmother’s siamese cat into a devastating cyberspy. He did this, by creating a cat collar with a WIFI sensor, which detects weak home wireless internet systems, and reports back to home base.

The original cat collar was just a HTC mobile phone attached to a normal collar, but this proved too much of a burden to the cat, which ditched its payload, then ran off and hid.

So the researcher went all out, creating a super miniature version of his cyber sniffer.

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Android App Blabs ALL your Secrets

The listening ear

The listening ear

The Register reports on a bizarre new Android App hack, which literally makes your phone blab all its secrets.

The malware app sidesteps the normal attack vectors by doing one simple thing – calling the bad guy’s voice phone number – then the malware coerces the phone into actually “speaking” all your secrets down the phone line, using a bug in Google text to voice.

So next time your phone starts talking by itself, listen to what it is saying – because all that unexpected chatter might be something more sinister than a funny little software defect.