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Hervey Bay Business Mobile App Development Meetup

Announcing the new Hervey Bay Business Mobile App Development Meetup.

Desirable Apps are hoping to get everyone in the Hervey Bay / Maryborough / Fraser Coast area who are interested in mobile apps together in one place, in the Lakes Room in Hervey Bay RSL, to talk shop, bounce ideas off each other, and stimulate creativity and business inspiration.

Meet us on the 26th November between 10am and midday in the Lakes Room of the Hervey Bay RSL, 11 Torquay Road, Hervey Bay, 4655.

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Everyone is welcome – people with a mobile app idea, people who are interested in mobile apps, businesses or individuals considering creating their own apps, iPhone App developers, Android App developers, Mobile Web developers. Bring your favourite phone. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

A Wearable Drone – the Perfect Companion to your mobile phone?

Intel recently ran a competition, to find the perfect way to promote their SD card sized Intel Edison ultra-miniature computer technology. The result was a series of spectacular innovations in safety and bionics.

The winner of the prize is something special – a wearable drone, straight out of Science Fiction. As the video (see above) demonstrates, the prototype takes off, snaps a selfie of the wearer, then returns to your wrist – like a magical conjunction of modern technology and medieval falconry, where hunting birds roosted on the wrists of their keepers.

As a mobile app developer, I can’t wait to get my hands on this piece of hardware. Its spectacular enough, to have a drone which takes a selfie and returns to your risk. But what is the perfect controller / companion for such a drone? An iPhone App or Android App on your mobile phone of course!