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How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

There is no simple answer to this question.

Consider a more familiar example – How much does landscaping a garden cost?

The answer very much depends on how big the garden is, the design of the new landscape, how much earth needs to be moved, the type of materials selected (gravel, sand, loam), whether you supply any of the landscaping furniture, or whether the water features and gazebos and other features are part of the landscaping quote, and how quickly you want the job to be finished.

Laying a few squares of flat turf on a small back garden is a very different proposition to say landscaping a new 9 hole golf course.

Similarly, when developing iPhone apps and Android apps, the considerations are how many different screens your mobile app will contain, what kind of functionality each screen of the app will present, the difficulty of implementing the functions (for example, adding voice recognition is more difficult than displaying a few photos), and whether you need the app to be built very rapidly, say to coincide with the opening of a business event.

At least with Desirable Apps, you only pay for developer time. Many app developer shops are business brokers, they pass business on to others, after taking a fee – often 100%, even 200% markup on what the developer charges!

Ask us for a quote. You will very quickly see the difference.

The simplest solution is to request a quote. Alternatively, if you are not ready to request a quote, please contact me now, so I can answer any questions you might have about the app development process.

What about offshore mobile app development?

We don’t use offshore developers. There is an obvious economic temptation – on paper the low fees some offshore developers charge look attractive. The problem from our perspective is there is no legal protection if anything goes wrong.

There are three components to running a successful app development business:

1. Understanding the user requirement.

2. Winning the bid

3. Providing a satisfactory solution for the customer.

In our experience, offshore developers tend to fall down on points 1 and 3.

Language and cultural differences magnify the risk of misunderstanding, which can lead to the offshore developers not understanding your user requirement.

Even if a satisfactory mutual understanding of the user requirement is achieved, sometimes bugs – problems with the app – don’t show up until after you have taken delivery.

If you and the developer are both based in Australia, there are clear rules – you are both covered by Australian commercial law. You can use Australian business law to pursue a satisfactory outcome – you can require an Australian business to correct defects with their product, even if the last invoice has been paid.

If something goes awry with your relationship with an offshore developer, you have no legal protection. In most cases, it is impractical to launch legal proceedings in another country.

Keep your clients close, keep your mobile app developers closer.

If you have concerns about your system, and are not getting the clarity you expect when you communicate your concerns to your current developers, contact me now.

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